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Spring Breakers

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Spring Breakers (2013)

January. 24,2013
| Drama Crime
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Brit, Candy, Cotty, and Faith have been best friends since grade school. They live together in a boring college dorm and are hungry for adventure. All they have to do is save enough money for spring break to get their shot at having some real fun. A serendipitous encounter with rapper "Alien" promises to provide the girls with all the thrill and excitement they could hope for. With the encouragement of their new friend, it soon becomes unclear how far the girls are willing to go to experience a spring break they will never forget.


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Don't listen to the Hype. It's awful


As Good As It Gets


In truth, there is barely enough story here to make a film.


what a terribly boring film. I'm sorry but this is absolutely not deserving of best picture and will be forgotten quickly. Entertaining and engaging cinema? No. Nothing performances with flat faces and mistaking silence for subtlety.


This movie is about four girls who want to do a spring break party ends up in a mess and is saved by a gangster.Story vise this movie was not so great the usual story. Yes there was some drama and crime but I guess we have seen all of this in many movies. A big shout out to James Franco for his authentic acting. I was not bored just because he was in this movie. The girls could have done a better job acting vise. The ending of this movie was good and unpredictable. Overall this movie was really slow paced. I liked the click clack of a gun between each scene in this movie. It could have turned much better if there was something more to the story. No I would not recommend anyone to watch this movie because I did not like the story and Yes just for James Franco's acting.My Rating 6/10

Rachit Nirmal

'Someone' told me to watch this movie (and I am not going to forgive that someone!) if I want to relax my mind. And guess what I wanted to relax and did this mistake.Overall you will try to find something in this movie, but till the end, it won't give you anything. You will end up in frustration by keep listening one word again and again "Spring break". Okay, we got that this movie is focused on spring break, but how much time we have to listen to just one thing again and again. Not only this, there are many scenes which keep repeating and you won't have any clue why this is happening.NO plot, NO objective, NO story, NO script writing and they were literally out of good dialogues also. This could be one of the reasons why they just kept repeating few lines. God knows why Selena Gomez was in this movie! She hardly gets a chance to appear on the screen. 4 girls bored with their routine and want to enjoy. They rob a restaurant to get money and go to spring break. For what? For drink? Drugs? Fun? Sex? Bullshit? really? they can do all these at their college!! Why go and waste money? At the end they got nothing and we get a headache with a mixture of frustration! Overall in this movie, there is no objective getting clear, because of poor story-line and plot. There is not a single moment which you can enjoy in this movie. Dear God, give me some power to go in past and get my 94 minutes back! Believe me, that 'Someone' who suggested me to watch this movie is going to pay for this


This whole movie plays out like a soft core pr0n that was quickly reworked into a jail-bail plot after being rejected by theaters. Sad, because if it had stayed a pr0n, it wouldn't be known. And the worst part is, news outlets PRAISED this crap. It's literally about 4 women... glorifying everything wrong with this generation. That being said, this is the worst movie ever, on par with Asian Schoolgirls. Anyone giving this positive reviews is either a huge creep, or friends with aforementioned news outlets.


Released in 2012 and written & directed by Harmony Korine, "Spring Breakers" chronicles events when four freshmen girls (Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel Korine & Selena Gomez) dubiously acquire funds and go to Spring Break in Florida where they party hardy and eventually land in jail. The situation takes a potentially hazardous turn when a stranger, a gangsta rapper named Alien (James Franco), bails 'em out. Gucci Mane is on hand as Alien's rival. This is a combination art film and serious crime/drama, but it also satirizes Spring Break libertinism and ventures into fantasy in the final act. The overall filmmaking is top-of-the-line, including the surprisingly excellent acting of the four anti-heroines. Franco is unrecognizable (to me) as the rapper, obviously modeled after Dangeruss and RiFF RAFF (the latter suing Korine because of it). The movie's entertaining as a mesmerizing look at Spring Break hedonism and all that goes with it. Rachel, the director's wife, is particularly fetching. The debauchery is interestingly balanced out by some spiritual references, particularly one of the girl's Christian fellowship. However, the second half switches gears once Alien is introduced. I liked the message concerning the anchor of faith, hope & love making a person sensitive to impending peril, granting the wisdom to abscond.What lowers my rating are some eye-rolling vulgarities (e.g. the gun fellatio scene) and, especially, that I couldn't buy the two main girls as intimidating lethal hoodlums, whether at the beginning with squirt guns or later. The ending in particular was thoroughly unconvincing, IF we're to take it as reality. The picture runs 94 minutes and was shot in St. Petersburg/Tampa/Sarasota, Florida. Be forewarned: This is a hard 'R' movie with loads of profanities, vulgarities and nudity but, like I said, surprisingly balanced out by pious elements. GRADE: B-