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Mother's Day

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Mother's Day (2016)

April. 28,2016
| Drama Comedy
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Sandy (Jennifer Aniston) is a stressed-out, single mom who learns that her ex-husband is marrying a younger woman. Her friend Jesse (Kate Hudson) is a fitness freak who doesn't tell her parents that she has a family. Bradley is a widower (Jason Sudeikis) who's trying to raise two daughters on his own, while Miranda (Julia Roberts) is too busy with her career to worry about having children. When their respective problems start coming to a head, the Mother's Day holiday takes on a special meaning.


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To me, this movie is perfection.


Good movie but grossly overrated


It's funny, it's tense, it features two great performances from two actors and the director expertly creates a web of odd tension where you actually don't know what is happening for the majority of the run time.


A clunky actioner with a handful of cool moments.


A film as arbitrary as the day it "celebrates", this was clearly a case of trying to fit a bunch of characters and events around a central theme - and failing.The lazy writers (5 of them!) give us a set of cookie-cutter characters - the lesbian moms, the interracial couple, the adopted daughter and her celebrity birth-mother, the bigoted grandparents, the cute British guy, the sad widower and his teenaged daughters, the frazzled divorcee - and connects them all together via a contrived and unsatisfying "storyline", culminating in an abrupt and anticlimactic ending.There are no laughs in this "comedy", and very little romance. There is no real drama. Zero actual story, besides the thinnest thread of narrative that binds the characters uncomfortably into a single film. There is really nothing at all to see here, except a couple of has-been movie stars, a few up-and-comers, and a llama.Whatever meagre offerings are served up in this film, you can see done much better in a dozen other films. It gets two stars from me, not because it's worthy of them particularly, but because there are films even worse.


I don't understand how this movie got made. So many great actors but the characters are ridiculous and the "plot" is cheesy and predictable.


The comedy wasn't funny, the drama and the resolutions were all predictable, and most of the performances made me feel uncomfortable. Not sure who owed who a favor, but this should have never been a feature film. It's basically an average Lifetime movie, but gets a slight bump only because of Jennifer Aniston, who always pulls off these safe familiar roles with some spark and even some depth, but that isnt enough to help save an otherwise horribly predictable and flat script.


I've been known to sit through some extremely corny movies, but this one was a little much even for me. I saw the other similar named-after-holidays movies, and in my opinion, they're continually going downhill.I'm not telling you to avoid it. In fact, you'll probably want to see it. Since the cast is so huge, there will probably be someone in there whose films you never miss. Told in interweaving, seemingly unrelated but secretly super-related stories, Mother's Day is about a bunch of mothers trying to struggle through their difficult lives. Children, ex-husbands, secret marriages, step-mothers, friends of no help but plenty of quip, and actresses who make you point at the screen, exclaiming, "Good God, she got old!" make up this not-at-all-delightful romp.My weakness is Jennifer Aniston; I watch all her movies, even the terrible, rotten ones. I saw this one, didn't I?