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Wild Things 2

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Wild Things 2 (2004)

March. 06,2004
| Drama Crime Mystery
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Sequel to the hot film Wild Things, Wild Things 2 sees teenage bad girls Maya and Britney go on a sex and killing spree to win millions.


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This is a coming of age storyline that you've seen in one form or another for decades. It takes a truly unique voice to make yet another one worth watching.

Lars Lendale

***************** SPOILERS **************If you're 14 years old and you've never seen a softcore porn movie on your own before, then that might be the only exception to this condition for liking this movie.That movie is a copy of the first one, yet it manages to be boring and mediocre. Same plot twists, same concept, same town, same school. How can they do that in the same school ? !A ton of plot holes, a ton of events that are not possible - such as Britney not getting caught, who's in charge of laundering the money ? Because it's only a company check, so who's in charge of wiring the money to an account ? Hw can Britney use this money if the company check is signed to Maya ? How can Britney pay off a tenant of a aerodrome without any money on her account ? How can the police not investigate on the missing Julian Hayes ? How can the police not check that Britney checked out exactly at the same aerodrome Niles crashed the plane ? How can Bridge come to the conclusion that the girls murdered Hayes ? How can Britney have nightmares of her mother's suicide when she is actually still alive ? A sequel as uninspired as this, is unacceptable. The cast is a TV second tier actors, the girls are hot but they hardly ever show much of their bodies, the sex scenes are laughable with doubles, a real rip offs. Seriously this is 2004 and you come up with the exact same erotic scene ? Wow, a real rip-offs, a few kisses here and there, a guy in his boxer shorts, what is this ? The only performance worth mentioning is Washington. Other than that, very forgettable movie.


Why this movie was made in first place ? The original was hardly a classic. Most people were watching it for the sex scenes. Including me. OK , so it had decent acting . Nice music . Overall , it wasn't bad . But sequel ? Really ?Here we have a movie that not just follows the formula of first movie , but actually is a remake. They only changed actors and small details. Talk about lazy movie making… There really isn't any point for watching this. The sex scene is good , I admit. Unfortunately , even that element is weaker compared to the threesome in "Wild things".Better watch the original. Or "Basic instinct" . Or "Body heat". I give it 1/10.


There are a lot of things in common with this movie to the first one:sex, greed and murder in Blue Bay. Considered a sequel, it really isn't, because none of the characters from the first film appear in any shape or form in this home video version (Although one actor from the first film is playing a totally different character in this one).Brittney Havers (Susan Ward)is the step-daughter of Niles Dunlap (Anthony John Denison, famous for his villainous role in the 80's TV show "Crime Story"), an incredibly wealthy guy. Brittney's mother married into money, but killed herself in a car accident. Brittney is of course popular, but Maya King (Leila Arcieri)REALLY can't stand her, calling her "trailer trash" and other ugly things.Their feud starts to take a really ugly turn when Brittney's stepfather dies in a plane crash. Brittney finds out that she will only receive $25,000/year from her father's $70 million estate because only a blood heir of Dunlap's can claim the full amount. Then things get really ugly when Maya claims that she is Dunlap's illegitimate daughter. Meanwhile, Terance Bridge, an insurance investigator (Isiah Washington)begins to smell something fishy with the goings on in Blue Bay...and it's not the swamp.Anyone who has seen the first film of the series (And yes, there is a third one out as well)can figure out the twists and turns a mile away. Lots of plot devices are recycled from the first film (Including some sex scenes). However, the film still makes for a good watch. If you're in the mood for some trash, then give this film a peek.


The original Wild Things is a decent movie...kind of a guilty pleasure of mine. I was hoping this would be the same.Wrong, wrong, wrong!!! First of all, the plot was weak, at best. Secondly, the twists were lame. I watched it with my best friend and at one point she turned to me and jokingly suggested a ludicrous ending.Imagine our surprise and disbelief when that WAS the real ending.Wild Things 2 lacks the sensuality, the intelligence, and the imagination of the original. It is predictable, and boring. The sex scenes are lack luster and have no passion to them.All through this movie I kept thinking that I need to know what happens, but I can't wait for this movie to end! I was feeling generous tonight, so it gets a 3/10 but probably deserves a 2.