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The Weather Man

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The Weather Man (2005)

October. 20,2005
| Drama Comedy
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A Chicago weather man, separated from his wife and children, debates whether professional and personal success are mutually exclusive.


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Yawn. Poorly Filmed Snooze Fest.


A Masterpiece!

Roman Sampson

One of the most extraordinary films you will see this year. Take that as you want.


It is an exhilarating, distressing, funny and profound film, with one of the more memorable film scores in years,


'The Weather Man' – a film about the life and times of a Chicago news weather man, or the last decent film Nicholas Cage has made (to date). It's up to you to decide. Once upon a time Cage was Box Office dynamite. Nowadays, his star has shone on the 'direct-to-DVD' market and has become synonymous with over-acting and that awful remake of 'The Wicker Man.' However, back in the day he used to be pretty good. Here, his 'over-acting' is turned down a notch or two and he does what he does best – give a decent performance. He plays a down-on-his-luck weather man for a (not particularly prestigious TV station. Just because he gets the occasional perk of being a – minor – celebrity, doesn't mean his life is going that well. His wife has left him and kept the kids and house, his dad (wonderfully played by Michael Caine – sporting an unusual American accent) is pretty aloof, people keep throwing fast food at him on the street and the least said about his estranged kids the better. Therefore, despite his apparently privileged lifestyle, he still has plenty to complain about.I really enjoyed this film, which Cage bears completely on his shoulders. I really do think it's his (last) best performance. If there is one criticism that might be levelled at the film it's that it's a little 'unfocused.' The story doesn't really go anywhere as it's mainly about following his life as he tries to… well, just go about his day to day business. There's no real 'beginning, middle and end' as there is with most standard Hollywood films.It's a 'bittersweet' drama that borders on black comedy. So, if you're a fan of Cage at his best, or just like dark family dramas which have a touch of social commentary and don't necessarily go anywhere, you should get something out of this one. Alas, poor Nick we remember him fondly.


This film has it all! A pancake-laden Cage pulling lemon-face for two hours! Existential angst oozing from every pore! Morose youth, their vivacity subsumed in a clumsy counterpoint of the mid life crises of the protagonists! Yes, there is is, the dignified terminal illness! Aaah, a rapid flash of bouncing tit-flesh, a brief moment of joie de vivre, rapidly and permanently stifled by the crushing burden of first world ennui.Let's be clear, if you want stylish French verite, watch a French film.The Hollywood version is a painfully clumsy pastiche, stumbling from cliché to cliché in a rote, barely aware fashion.This is a dire, dreadful, awful, miserable, grind of a film, with no redeeming features. A critics' dream, the doyen of the Eurphophile intelligentsia: you absolutely must watch this movie if your predilection is for fronting a pretence that the pedestrian can become profound through frenzied beard stroking and expostulation.


That awkward movie where a sixteen year old does a better American accent than Michael Caine. That was weird, but the movie was just what I was looking for last night. A simple light drama (or dark comedy) that deals with heavy dramatic themes but doesn't explore them too much and always keeps the tone relatively easy. I wish they would make more films like this, they aren't the big money-makers or the big awards grabbers but they are always solid and easy watches. It definitely doesn't do anything majorly unique or strong, but it was still a good watch.Nicolas Cage delves into worthwhile territory again, just to keep people aware of the fact that he actually can be a good actor when he's not being the hilarious self-parody that he typically is these days. I also thought that the tone was done quite well. It's shot in a very crisp way, with an interesting score that makes the film it's own without trying to make it too "quirky" and distracting from the story and characters. The final act is a disaster where everything gets rushed and wrapped up much too quickly, but aside from that the film was an easy and harmless work that was just the kind of thing I wanted to watch.


This is one depressing film but I mean it in a good way. It's a good movie about character values and one's definition of meaning of life. That is why I find this movie sort of depressing. But, I really liked the film because it is different than most films released today.This is about one Chicago weatherman who is basically having a mid-life crisis dealing with a separation from his wife and children, the disappointment of his terminally-ill father, and fast food getting thrown at him almost daily.Nicolas Cage and Michael Caine put up strong performances in this movie. I kind of thought Cage is a dweeb here at times and needed a good punch in the face. Caine really came through with a powerful performance.Overall, this is a interesting film that reflects on what today's society here in America is like today. I rate this film 8/10.