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Sleep Tight

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Sleep Tight (2011)

October. 14,2011
| Horror Thriller
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César, an unhappy concierge, maintains a peculiar relationship with the very diverse inhabitants of the upper-class apartment building where he works in Barcelona.


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hyped garbage


It’s an especially fun movie from a director and cast who are clearly having a good time allowing themselves to let loose.


The film's masterful storytelling did its job. The message was clear. No need to overdo.

Jenni Devyn

Worth seeing just to witness how winsome it is.


A fan of the first Rec flicks,I was disappointed to find the franchise go completely off the rails for the final two in the series. Greatly enjoying the non-Rec Fragiles,I was surprised to find the BBC showing one of director Jaume Balagueró;s non-Rec titles,which led to me getting into bed.The plot: Left on his own in an apartment block, concierge César passes the time by slyly tormenting all the tenants. Welcoming beautiful new tenant Clara in, César soon starts playing mind games with her. Finding Clara to just brush off any attempt he makes to get under her skin, César decides to take things to the next level.View on the film:Slithering round the building, Luis Tosar gives an excellent,creepy performance as César, who is given a skin-crawling, covered in slime seediness by Tosar,which makes everything César says be something that can't be taken at face value. Innocently laying in her bed, sexy Marta Etura gives a very good performance as Clara, whose sunny side up attitude is gradually dimmed in doubt by Etura.Leaving the shock & awe of the Recs,director Jaume Balagueró & Rec actor/cinematographer Pablo Rosso go for a slow-burn,sinister atmosphere,as the apartment block is given a blank surface appearance. Sneaking César into Clara's life, Balagueró builds up the anxiety with stylish two-shots,where the viewer can see César,but Clara can't. Holding back from Psycho-Thriller shocks, the screenplay by Alberto Marini finds horror in the mundane,where everything appears normal, but Marini has César subtly chip away at Clara in the background. Whilst the ending unlocks a macabre apartment, it also sadly highlights the large plot holes (such as no CCTV or Clara feeling any different) jumped over for it to be delivered,as Clara sleeps tightly next to César.


No Spoilers. This movie is garbage and i do not blame the actors as much as the writing which left holes in it. The movie feels like you start watching from the middle. It leaves the audience to play a guessing game on whats going on rather than show the origin of how things started. The ending was awful as well, leaving way more questions than answers. This movie wasted my time, i do not mind, guessing where a movie is going, out of interest. I do mind if i have to guess just to figure out what is going on. Both lead actors performed admirably especially the lead actress Marta Etura. Just a badly written movie with no real scares just a bunch of questions. Watch at your own risk. This movie left me confused and tired. Bad Writing, Bad Directing. good acting so that is a plus, i guess.


Directed by Jaume Balagueró (Fragile, Rec 1, 2 n 4). The movie is full of tension and claustrophobic with a wonderful finale. It is not the easiest watch at times. The tension is high and the music score by Lucas Vidal (The raven, Fast n the furious 6, The quiet ones) follows the plot nicely. The first scene n the finale fits perfectly like a jigsaw. Very good twist. Non predictable movie. Good acting by the lead actor with perfect direction n awesome screenplay. At times, as a viewer, I felt as if I was also residing in the same building. Such was the impact of the screenplay n acting. Nice screenplay by Alberto Marini. The movie is a dark psychological thriller. The lead actor Luis Tosar (Cell 211, Miami vice, A night in old Mexico) is as odd and scary as Anthony Perkins was in Psycho.


SLEEP TIGHT is a non-supernatural horror film, about the concierge of a Spanish apartment block who - for reasons even he doesn't understand - can't be happy. As a result he hates the world and decides to rob the happiness of all the people who live in his building. To do so he uses his position to manipulate them and their lives, in an effort to mentally break them. He meets his match though in a happy young woman whose life is the polar opposite of his, which forces him to pull out all the stops. Then her boyfriend arrives to stay and things get even worse. It's an interesting concept and the film mines it for plenty of creepiness - all the scarier for its irrationality and plausibility - but it doesn't really have anywhere to go and as someone who doesn't like horror films I found little of interest to me. Those who do like the genre might feel differently.