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Sand Storm

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Sand Storm (2016)

January. 25,2016
| Drama
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A Bedouin village in Northern Israel. When Jalila's husband marries a second woman, Jalila and her daughter's world is shattered, and the women are torn between their commitment to the patriarchal rules and being true to themselves.


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Simple and well acted, it has tension enough to knot the stomach.


I enjoyed watching this film and would recommend other to give it a try , (as I am) but this movie, although enjoyable to watch due to the better than average acting fails to add anything new to its storyline that is all too familiar to these types of movies.


Actress is magnificent and exudes a hypnotic screen presence in this affecting drama.


This movie is set in the Bedouin community, this community is off the grid and is not recognized by the Israeli government. This movie is about a girl and her marriage. The main character, Layla, loves a boy, but her father wants her to marry someone else. On top of that the father has found a second wife, who he treats better than the first wife. This adds on to the problems this family endures This creates internal conflict within the family. Layla thinks about running away, but stops because she realizes the implications in her community. In the end, she gives in and marries who her father wants. Each character has to make important decisions throughout the film that impact their lives forever. The director shows the hardships in this community and he makes you want to root for Layla. When watching, I was rooting for Lyala to just escape and run away, especially when she was so close. But, she had to worry about factors that we do not in America and marriage is more than love. Although, it is very sad she is forced to marry Munir and not who she loves, it would have been hard on her to run away like we all wanted her to do, This movie is very different compared to the traditional American film. Do not expect a fast paced film.


This film takes place in a Bedouin Village in Israel. Suliman has just come home with his second wife. Jalila is not happy about this and is happy to inconvenience the two of them. This is all happening while Jalila's daughter, Layla, is off falling in love with Anuar. This secret love affair is forbidden as Anuar is from a different tribe. Suliman gets in a heated debate with Jalila when he tries to make Layla marry Munir. This leads to Jalila getting very upset and telling Suliman to "Be a man for once!" Suliman becomes very upset and banishes Jalila from their village. I really didn't like this film because it had such a slow pace that I had a very hard time focusing. This may just have been because of the much slower pace of life over in Israel compared to the U.S. One thing that I did like about this film was the message that it delivered about the importance of tradition in this culture. Even though I would've left that village in an instant, Layla stays because it is tradition and she still, even through all of this, does not want to shame her family. I find that very interesting because it is something that is not prevalent in the U.S.


The movie starts with a man and his daughter driving into town. At first his daughter is driving but as soon as they get to town the dad starts driving because it is illegal for women to drive. This sets the tone for the movie. We come to the fathers second wedding, so he has two wives now. He leaves the first wife with the kids at a house and goes to a new house with the new wife. He is absent much of the movie but comes back to meet the boy his daughter loves. He scares the boy away, never to be seen for the rest of the movie. And forces his daughter, Layla, to marry Munir, a man from the town. Layla starts to run but right before she gets to her boyfriend she stops her car and goes back because she realizes that she really can't run anywhere.


This was an interesting movie, because things turned out differently than expected. Layla, one of the main characters in the film lives in a Bedouin community with her mother and siblings, and they start having a hard time coping to life, when their father introduces his new wife. Layla goes to college outside of the territory, and she starts falling in love with a student in the school. This becomes an issue, when he is introduced to her dad Suliman, because he is not part of the Bedouin community. Layla has to marry an old guy, whom her father has arranged for her, and at the end she ends up marrying him. Towards the end of the film, I was very surprised, because when Layla was in her car on her way to see Anwar, she turned off the engine of the car, and went back to her family. I did not expect this to happen, because Layla did not want to marry a random guy whom she was arranged to marry, and her mother started excepting her choice to leave, but she decided to act otherwise. I did not like Layla's dad in the film, because once his new wife came along, he abandoned his children, and left them in a rotten house, while he lived in a newly built one, he took away their electric power, and they were left with nothing. Layla's mother was upset when this happened to her and her children, that she decided to stay with her parents, Layla was taking care of herself and her siblings, but dropped them off to their mother, when she wanted to run off. Overall I would give this film a 4 out of 5.