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Dead Awake

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Dead Awake (2017)

May. 12,2017
| Horror Thriller
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Kate Bowman (Jocelin Donahue) is an average social worker who is investigating in the mysterious deaths of people who died in their sleep. Shortly before their deaths, the victims all reported a supernatural force that appeared to them while they were suffering from sleep-paralysis. When Kate investigates further into the case, she opens herself up to the creature's wrath, and soon finds herself, and her family suffering from an ancient evil.


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Why so much hype?


From my favorite movies..


A Masterpiece!


The first must-see film of the year.


A film about sleep paralysis, the only theme I've been more scared of going in to a film (see: "The Nightmare") than I have waking up the next day (as in, I thought I was going to have nightmares and wake up paralyzed but then woke up the next day having forgotten all about it).Well here's the fiction take, including the woefully underutilized since "The House of the Devil" actress Jocelin Donahue. It's too bad the the film itself is a tepid, creaky tale of a sleepytime boogeyman that strangles you while you lay there paralyzed. That's not exactly scary. The plot is just pure nonsense and the film has literally no tension nor atmosphere to speak of.


a very by-the-book, Hollywood-style budget horror movie written by Jeffrey Reddick, author of Final Destination and sequels. the acting and dialogue are not bad, though nothing special. the same goes for the monster design and make-up my problem with the film is that it's primarily story-driven with a less-than-inspired premise: sleep paralysis is apparently an always-fatal phenomenon that entails sufferers being strangled to death in their sleep by an otherworldly entity, referred to as The Hag, who looks like an angry old woman. the movie takes what is genuinely a very frightening experience for a lot people and makes it -less- scary it's essentially a poorly remade Nightmare on Elm Street with adult characters and a generic, unexplained Freddy. i can't recommend this movie, but if you're interested in the subject of sleep paralysis, try The Nightmare by director Rodney Ascher


This is not a poorly acted or poorly directed movie. What it is, however, is an enterprising and unrepresentative portrayal of a very real, very terrifying portrayal of a sleep phenomenon which occurs to most of us more than others realize.I encourage you to search "sleep paralyses" online. If you're too lazy, it typically occurs within the walls between beta sleep and delta sleep. i.e., between lying in your bed and feeling sleepy and actually falling into a deep sleep.No demons No death No sleepwalkingThis wouldn't happen in a bathtub, or sitting against a wall. Typically, you would experience paralysis when imagining someone breaking into your home, while lying in bed - in the same position you remember lying-down in.Cheers - I suffer from this 2 or 3 times a year. I hope this is helpful. Don't be afraid - It's natural.


Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which a sleeping person experiences movement inability. This even happens in many people. Clinically, it doesn't hurt but psychologically is terrifying. Of course the reason is not demon/evil but whatever it is, it makes you uncomfortable. I have had such experiences while napping in the afternoon (and not nights!). I have felt that I want to awake but not able to do so. Something strange. At that point, I feel going deeply sleep (or die!) and then attempting to wake up but it is very difficult. Well, no body dies because of sleep paralysis. Now let us to be focused on the movie. Accepting the fact that sleep paralysis doesn't lead to death, the movie tried to show us it might takes a life which is fantasy than reality. DEAD AWAKE is a little be chilling but not for me because I am rarely terrified by a horror/thriller movie. If you are an easy terrifying person, then there you go. Watch it! It is just a ghost/evil with funny make up! (I don't like that kind of masks!). This is the first Guzman's work I have ever seen honestly. It was directed well. The story could be more close to reality. Camera setting was good. Designs and decorators were good. Actions/plays were not super duper and fascinating but acceptable. I liked Jocelin Donahue's role. All together, I think this movie had much much more potential to be made in better ways. Don't be afraid. It is a supernatural movie without any gore or slashing scene. I was not disappointed but I will definitely not see it again.