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Wild Seven

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Wild Seven (2006)

January. 01,2006
| Drama Action Crime
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In this darkly karmic vision of Arizona, a man who breathes nothing but ill will begins a noxious domino effect as quickly as an uncontrollable virus kills. As he exits Arizona State Penn after twenty-one long years, Wilson has only one thing on the brain, leveling the score with career criminal, Mackey Willis.


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Very very predictable, including the post credit scene !!!


Pretty Good


disgusting, overrated, pointless


I like movies that are aware of what they are selling... without [any] greater aspirations than to make people laugh and that's it.


Unfortunately I managed to read the good reviews of this movies and it looked like a gem. There are basically three story lines one of which comes and goes with no rhyme or reason. The other two are centered around revenge and come together sloppily.Other than that there are good actors in bad roles and bad actors in nonsensical roles. You have to ask why certain characters are even in the movie. One character has troubles seeming like he stole something. He's killed and the situation and his murder has nothing to do with the rest of the movie. It not only doesn't influence the main plot or any other characters, they don't even know anything about it. They think he's just sleeping one off.I hate to spoil it but it ends abruptly like so many films (and the Sopranos) seem to do today. Leaving the viewer to ask "WTF did I just watch?"


I was thoroughly enjoying this, although the plot was a little disjointed and it took a while to grasp the connections and the sequence, and I hasen to add not due to my stupidity, im usually good at that kind of thing, so I'll blame poor direction. however, I just hate it when a film for some obscure reason, goes off without allowing the viewer the benefit of conclusion, I feel robbed, I'm sure the old film buff crowd will applaud this as a masterpiece of inginuity, but its not the first film to rob the viewer of an ending, its not big or clever. and its damn right annoying. another 3 minutes seeing the outcome and I would have awarded this film 8 or more, instead I feel I have wasted my time watching it, I was tempted to put a lower rating, but truth is it was good right up until the end.oh and the CGI guys need to learn something, aspect see (and remember this guys) objects far away look smaller...not bigger.. you'll know what I mean when you watch this.

Dory Hobbs

I really enjoyed seeing this movie in DC. I can see how people who haven't watched a lot of movies would miss some of the references the writer or director makes to a lot of different genres. This dialogue is really funny and sharp and kind of reminded me of a new group of "Swingers". It is a small, intelligent gem that a lot of people I've brought it up to don't know about yet. There is lots of quirky of humor and twists to the plot. The filming of the Arizona desert was pretty spectacular, even though I've never been out there myself. My other favorites are Sin City and Brick, so if you like a noir with a twist type of thing I highly recommend this movie. "The Texican" heh heh.


Great movie. This is what comes to mind after seeing this movie. I saw a trailer for this film on youtube and was really drawn to it. So I looked it up online and bought it. Well, the day i got it in the mail I made a B line to my DVD player and pressed play. Right away I was sucked into this movie by the cool camera angles and directing style. I really have to watch what I say though because i don't want to put a spoiler on here. But I really enjoyed the line up of actors in this movie and some new young actors I have never seen, but I know I will in the future. I highly recommend the movie to all and look forward to more work from this director.